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asian rockers

blowing all the other kids away

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this is a community for asians who like rock music.

when you become a member, please post the following information.
++OMG a/s/l:
++favorite bands (keep it short as possible, folks):
++last concert attended:
++why you joined:
++anything else (something about you, pictures, candy, etc.):

as for rules, please put pictures under an lj cut unless it's just one. i don't mind if you promote your community, but this place is still small. i don't care about language either... um, whatever. i'm cool with a lot of things. you can post about your favorite songs, albums, concerts, whatever. reviews, etc. just don't type that certain annoying way most of our fellow asians have been known to do. you know.. the one where one letter is uppercase-lowercase-uppercase-lowercase. do that and i'll come over and punch you in the face. :)