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Okay, just this once, in terms of certain bad ass concerts that refuse to tour through here, I won't complain about living in Vegas.
Vegas just celebrated it's centennial. Like, fuck the world's larget birthday cake and Mayor Oscar Goodman waving his gin soaked hand from atop some parade float. We got the Red Hot fucking Chili Peppers...
and Weezer. and some band from Orange County called the Adolescents that weren't too bad.
And we got it all for free.
50,000 tickets given away that were largely snatched up by out of towners and scalpers. I just happened to run into my friend at the mall and he so generously offers me his extra ticket.
2 days and six hours in scorching Nevada sun and four sunburns later I'm rocking out at the very front of the stage to Flea, Anthony and all them other half naked boys.
Free or not, that was one of THE best concerts I've ever been to, in terms of stage graphics and band performance. There IS a God.

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