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havent posted in this guy for a while... im curious as to what youre all up to. SO LETS ALL DO A FUN LITTLE SURVEY SHALL WE? name the 3 latest albums you're into/3 last concerts/3 things youre looking forward to. musically speaking.

of montreal "sunlandic twins". - a friend of mine burned a copy of this and i assumed it was an earlier album, but i couldnt find any history on it, till i googled it and found out its supposed to come out this... summer(?) its pretty good, although i dont think i enjoy it as much as i did with satanic panic.
the decemberists "picaresque" - friend burned me this, too. oh, whatever, he has a name. EVAN. anyway, evan burned me this. this was my first exposure to the decemberists. im digging it.
air "10,000 hz legend" - pffft. ITS AIR, MAN. WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO SAY?

2.9.05 - went to secret machines, the moving units, and autolux @ the ranch bowl (OMG WTF?!). AMAZING. autolux reminded me faintly of the yeah yeah yeahs. and they had lights on stage and it was pretty and so was the music. moving units is like sex dancing, i really dig them. secret machines were all right... not bad.
2.1.05 - mike park, colossal, sanowan, and youth in asia @ sokol underground. YES. ASIANS ONSTAGE. i was very very impressed by jenny choi and mike park. sadly i was 1 of 3 asians there.
1.14.05 - went to BRIT IYZ @ the sokol auditorium. tilly and the wall played another short set leaving me wanting more. bright eyes was pretty cool, it was ACTUALLY MY FIRST TIME SEEING THEM. i was annoyed though by the audience i was in. im not a fan of auditorium shows i guess.

1. of montreal w/ tilly and the wall concert
2. trail of dead w/ CRITERIA (YAY THEYRE BACK OMG STEPHEN) concert
3. jenny lewis' solo album


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