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midwest association of filipino americans

hi everyone.

the midwest association of filipino americans(mafa) conference is coming up. it's from february 25-27 at michigan state university. this conference is hosted every year at different schools across the midwest. all schools, even if you're not in the midwest, are invited to attend.

workshops are facilitated by presenters that educate cultural awareness of filipino americans, with a particualr emphasis on filipino americans in the midwest. workshop presenters include: zero 3, patricio ginelsa jr., room to improv, rachel calderon, emily lawsin, reno urusal, kevin nadal, ryan abenes, donna delfin, and connie tingson.

there will be a variety show; room to improv and zero 3 are the main acts.

a semi-formal banquet is included.

there will be 2 club parties. one on friday and one on saturday.

register now online at:

hope to see you there!

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