June 23rd, 2005


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++name: Vi Tran
++OMG a/s/l: 24/M/kansas city MO
++ethnicity: vietnamese
++favorite bands: astronaut pushers, beatles, brand new, bright eyes, coldplay, the cure, dashboard, DMB, death cab for cutie, eisley, fold zandura, frou frou, gavin degraw, jars of clay, jayhawks, jeff buckley, keane, kevin max, the killers, modest mouse, mortal, nickel creek, poor old lu, the postal service, the prayer chain, rachael yamagata, radiohead, rilo kiley, rufus wainwright, ryan adams, 6p, smashing pumpkins, snow patrol, starflyer 59, starsailor, sting & the police, thesistermaria, 3eb, travis
++last concert attended: keane (major label), the famed (local unsigned)
++why you joined: i'm an asian singer-songwriter who used to front an alt-pop band (alexander's rein) and is currently working with a revolving line-up indie collective called the spanish tragedies.
++anything else (something about you, pictures, candy, etc.): i'm an equity membership candidate actor with a MA in directing. i like wearing my tie underneath my shirt. and of course, i love rock.

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