April 19th, 2005

screaming bjork

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I saw Sevendust at the House of Blues here in Vegas last Friday. Very front of the stage floor ticket. Amazing. LaShon has such a saintly stage presence. I was suprised how entertaining some of the opening acts were. Skindred, of course, kicked ass, because that psycho Jamaican British dude is so energetic and hilarious *he even made fun of LaShon's height, saying he liked to carry him around on his shoulder like Mini-Me*.

The second band that went on, I think they were called BoBo Flex (?). I've never heard anything from these guys before, but there wasn't a single song in their set that I didn't like, and that seemed to be the unanimous vibe from the crowd.

I totally dug those cornrows LaShon was sporting, and I was cracking up when he said he was gonna whoop the guy from Skindred's ass for the mini-me comment, and when he pretended to scold this girl for flashing him. He was like "Girl, I'mma tell your mama..."

They played some new shit, and the only problem was that it all went by too quickly.
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