January 28th, 2005

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so i'm taking this class second semester (starts next week) called the asian american experience. i asked my counseler to read the course description to me and its like lkjdsfulk dls read alfnljeflkds art ad flkj discussljflsj ldlsfjl and then you will meet asian americans in the community. hahahaha. yes. awesome. sign me up is what i said. my friend was like, you know it's gonna all be white people with asian fetishes don't you?! oh god, i can't wait.

Lola Ray follow-up


Lola Ray is a band made up of folks from various parts of the country, their frontman, John Balicanta, happening to be Pilipino American. Hence the name of the band is a reference to John's grandparents, Lola Corrin and Lolo Ray. (Lola and Lolo are Tagalog for grandmother and grandfather respectively).

Prompted by the last post I checked out their website, read their bio, and listened to a few of their MP3s. Musically they're not really my thing, albeit their sound is catchy as hell (which leads me to believe that this band might grow on me). They sound like folks who were way into late 80's/early 90's underground punk (as well as a healthy serving of bar rock) who have now decided to latch onto the current trend of melodic mainstrEMO and commercial pop-punk. Nonetheless, I can' help but recognize their talent. Make no mistakes about it. They've got chops.

Lyrically, however, they definitely shine. Catchy hooks, that're not just meaningless prose. Regarding the comments from the last post over their lyrics to the song "Our Brown Friends", the song is actually biographical while also containing some references to Philippine history. The first few stanzas are, from what I can gather, interpretations of statements made by the United States during the Philippine American War in which the U.S. carried out an egregiously brutal war of aggression against the people of the Philippines. During America's campaign of "Benevolent Assimilation" in which the United States was to "Civilize and Christianize" the "savage" Pilipinos in order to help then become "fit for self-rule", the U.S. military committed outright atrocities of rape, torture, and genocide in order to the quell the resistance against their unjust invasion (If you read the paper today that might sound familiar). Yeah, so the song is a statement of history and a criticism of intolerance, as opposed to an overtly racist, xenophobic, and homophobic song.

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Lola Ray

they're a fairly new rock band...and i was going through the lyrics of "brown friends" and i find some of it pretty offensive...but this song made me think about a lot of things for some reason and i got artistic and i put down a bunch of drawings...i don't know how to post stuff like pix on lj, so forgive me of my ignorance...but here are the lyrics and tell me what you think...

Two fat men were walking through the forest
Walking through the forest, both of them in chorus
Oh my God it's a tiny little lady, tiny little lady
thank God we found them

Bridge: We're just hanging out so please go home
We ain't talking that loud so leave us alone

Chorus: Burn the huts and rape the women
Show them how to save their soulds
Toss the sinners in the bon fire
Teach them how to love control
Cast them out and point the finger
Blame them for what's wrong these days
Turn them into perfect people
Teach them how to love control

Two fat pigs were walking down the street and
walking through the park and looking for some trouble
Came upon a ratty little faggot, whiny little faggot
Thank God they found them


We've got questions, if you've got the answers
If you've got no answers, we've got some questions
What's got eight legs and a giant ego
Fleeing like a demon staring at his Jesus

Brige + chorus

the things that offended me was raping the women, throwing sinners into the fire, and something against fags...but for some reason, i find this song making me want to think more about how our society is going down these days and just a bunch of random stuff...like i said, please tell me what you think...thanx...btw, sorry if i offended anyone with this song...just expressing my opinion and stuff...
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