January 10th, 2005

  • johnko

Saturday Looks Good to Me

There's three things I can't stop listening to: HOME IV with Bright Eyes and Britt Daniel of Spoon (It's only 4 songs... but they're brilliant), and All Your Summer Songs and Every Night by Saturday Looks Good to Me. I was wondering if anyone else liked them. If not, you guys should go check them out. Not really "rockin'", but they're some of the best indie pop/twee pop I've heard.

new to the comm. I'm so vague here...

++name: Ashica
++OMG a/s/l: 19/f/Buffalo,ick
++favorite bands (keep it short as possible, folks): Cibo Matto (and the solo efforts of the memebers who have done so), Chumbawamba, + a few others
++last concert attended: this local band
++why you joined: why not?
++anything else: no, not really. I like peanutbutter?