kaollashiori (kaollashiori) wrote in asianrockers,


++name: Hina
++OMG a/s/l: 17/f/SG
++ethnicity: Asian
++favorite bands: Loads.
++last concert attended: Avenged Sevenfold in SG
++why you joined: I like Jrock.
++anything else (something about you, pictures, candy, etc.):

I have a topic to open for discussion! =) if this is not allowed then by all means, please delete.
I'm currently trying to write an essay on a design idea of my choice, and naturally, being a Jrock fan, I chose Visual Kei as my design idea. I've unfortunately exhausted my brain and a lot of other resources looking for ideas, so I'd like to hear some opinions from all my fellow VK fans on LJ ;D

So if you have some time to spare, please share your comments!

Expository essay topic: What makes Visual Kei a design idea?

Share your views in relation to
-What is VKs purpose as a design idea?
-What makes it easily recognised?
-How does it transcend the borders of time?

It doesn't matter one bit if your answers are short and stuff like that cause I'm just sourcing for outlines of ideas that I can develop on =) Thank you very much in advance!


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